Prices and registration


KM Executives Lounge: 390 EUR

KM Compact Kick-off: online 2020 only 196 EUR!

KM Essentials Training: online 2020 only 329 EUR!

KM Advanced Training: online 2020 only 329 EUR!

Coaching for the case study development and certification: online 2020 only 250 EUR!

Total cost for the Knowledge Management Certificate: Online 2020 only EUR 1.230!

Prices do not include VAT (20%).

The price includes participation in the training as well as learning materials, meals, and refreshments.
Cost for travel and accommodation are not included.


For registration click here, or simply send an email to and we´ll provide you with advice and all required formalities.
You can also call us at +43 1 4702909, we look forward to hearing from you.

KM Certification Course

The upcoming online KM Certification Course, 9–13 November 2020 (English), is open for registration.

Agenda Knowledge

Download the 3rd edition of the global Agenda Knowledge for Development.