KM Compact Kick-Off

This compact kick-off training is an excellent onboarding to the theory and practice of Knowledge Management. It provides fundamental knowledge about KM and its implementation. Understanding the practical application and the benefits for the organization is put in focus. You will learn what counts in KM, how to start, which methods and tools might be the most suitable for your context. This training also clarifies essential terms and definitions, concepts and a bit of KM history, to understand the background and current developments of KM to have a good orientation as a newcomer.


Dr. Andreas Brandner, Petra Herout, and other experienced specialists


  • Understanding the big picture of KM – key elements and challenges.
  • Explaining Knowledge Management to my boss and my colleagues.
  • Designing the Knowledge Management value chain.
  • Determining the knowledge needed for the operations.
  • Defining roles and responsibilities – KM Governance system.
  • Advancing the Knowledge sharing culture.
  • Implementing KM with agile methods
  • Linking KM with digitalization and artificial intelligence

Dates and Venues

Online: 9 November 2020 (English)


Online: EUR 196 (excluding 20% VAT)

SPECIAL OFFER: 1+1 = 1,5
The second participant only pays 50% of the price. Learning together doubles fun and halves the price!


Register here or send an email to or
give us a call: +43 1 4702909

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